CEO Message

Ladies and Gentlemen :

Richwill Japan started in 2017 with a dream to provide fair and honest investment options to the people of Cambodia and Southeast Asia . Today we started and I proudly say on behalf of our team , that our beliefs in being honest has gained us trust from more and more people , and we are growing rapidly in a positive direction .As you will see in this profile , we offer the best of all in terms of people , Knowledge , network , transparent dealings and infrastructure .When the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia ( SECC ) was established in Phnom penh , I was intended to apply for DB license as the first Japanese Company in Cambodia .Richwill Japan strive to be Innovators and Industry Leaders by harnessing the Latest Technologies for the benefits of our Customers and fostering creativity and Excellence among our Employees . It is indeed my Greatest Honor that everyone will be benefit and improve from our Experiences and Expertise . One of our main objective is to provide real-time pricing and market data by introducing the latest trading platform technology . There are also overseas orientations for our understanding personnel which includes training , attachments and upgrading courses on leadership qualities , market research , analysis both fundamental and technical. Lastly I request you to come join us in this wonderful journey of investment Management . if you put heart in it , we’ll put our soul in it .I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my Management Team and all my staffs for their hard work , Dedications and Commitment and together Richwill Japan will be more successful than ever with the Commitment slogan Your Vision is Our Vision .

Thank you .